17 december 2020

Akkerman Finland Oy obtains new exploration rights

Akkerman Finland Oy, a fully owned subsidiary of Akkerman Exploration B.V., has been granted mineral rights to 3 areas, together covering 600km2 of the famous Pyhäsalmi Mining District in central Finland.

The rights correspond to 3 Reservation Notifications issued to the company by Finnish mining authority Tukes, i.e. VA2020 nrs. 05, 58 and 61, respectively named Kolima, Kangasjärvi and Pielavesi. These rights enable the company to launch a new search aimed at the discovery of massive Cu-Pb-Zn deposits in what is considered to be one of the most prospective VMS belts of Scandinavia. The new studies will be focussed on promising target areas abandoned by Outokumpu more than 30 years ago, taking exploration to the next level using the latest, deep penetrating geophysical tools