Kangasjärvi Cu-Pb-Zn Project

Kangasjärvi is a satellite deposit 25km South of the  Pyhäsalmi mine. 

The deposit is exposed at surface and consists of massive sulphide with 1-9% Zn and 25-40% S. It was found by the GTK in 1961 when tracing a mineralized boulder trail.

The superficial part was mined by open pit in 1984 and 1985 by Outokumpu and processed at their plant in Pyhäsalmi.

Geological map
Kangasjärvi deposit
and surrounding volcanic host rocks

The project area covers the Kangasjärvi deposit as well as several known prospects with known VMS-style mineralization in-situ and in boulders. Key features are of the known deposit are: -plate-like orebody of 1-8m thick, with strike length of 250m -steep dipping in overturned position -hosted by widespread sequence of intensely altered fine volcanics -mined in open pit down to <100m -massive sulphide intersected down to 250m and remains open down-dip and along strike

The mineral resource comprises 2 individual plates (Malmi I and II) and contains roughly half a million tons:

tons% ZN% Cu% PbAg g/tAu g/t% S
MALMI I393,0005.3
MALMI II159,960.1211.2233
Resource estimate, block model method, by Nikander 1983, including indicated + inferred resources