6 augustus 2021

Akkerman Finland plans innovative airborne geophysical surveys at it’s VMS projects.

Akkerman Finland Oy is preparing geophysical surveys at each of it’s 3 VMS projects in the Pyhäsalmi Mining district, Central Finland.

The first survey is flown with a drone at low altitude (40m) and close line spacing (30m). It measures very detailed variations in the magnetic field. The resulting images will give a better understanding of the complex geology setting of the copper-rich Säviä massive sulphide deposit. The survey is scheduled for the month of August and will be carried out by specialised Finnish company Dronnair Oy.

For the second survey a helicopter is used to survey larger areas in the search for electromagnetic anomalies. Such anomalies may guide exploration towards metal deposits burried at depths (up to 500m) that could not be reached by earlier studies. This state-of-the-art technology, known as deep-EM, is offered by SkyTEM Surveys ApS from Denmark. Their study will be done around end August and covers the most prospective parts of the 3 VMS project areas.