12 mei 2023

Appeals re. Kolima and Kangasjärvi exploration permits

Akkerman Finland Oy (AFOy) is pleased to inform the status of the Kolima and Kangasjärvi Exploration permits granted. Both were granted on the 23rd of March 2023. Since then the 37 days appeal period is now passed.

The Administrative Court of Hämeenlinna informed that 3 appeals have been filed in the case of the Kolima Exploration Permit. Consequently, AFOy has suspended the exploration work planned for the Kolima project until the outcome of the court proceedings is known.

In the meantime, no appeals were made at the Eastern Finland Administrative Court against the Kangasjärvi Exploration Permit. The Court issued a certificate to this effect. This means the Kangasjärvi Exploration License ML2022:0045 is now legally in force.

AFOy has started to fullfil its obligations on the permit granted. This includes payment of the annual fee to the landowners and planning the next phase of exploration activities. First step is the drill testing of a promising deep EM anomaly next to the old Kangasjärvi mine. Details of this initial campaign will be announced as soon as the plans are ready.

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