31 augustus 2021

Detailed magnetic and deep- EM airborne surveys completed at Säviä, Kangasjärvi and Kolima VMS projects.

Akkerman Finland Oy is pleased to inform the planned innovative geophysical surveys were successfully completed. The deep-EM helicopter surveys covered the Säviä and Kangasjärvi and Kolima VMS prospect areas. The detailed drone survey focussed on the known Säviä copper deposit and its surroundings. These surveys are the first of their kind to be carried out in these highly prospective areas. In total 773 linekm were flown by helicopter using the SkyTEM312HP system and by 3 drones from specialised Finnish company Radai Oy.

The deep-EM survey data will give a unique insight in the deeper levels below these known deposits to depths of 500m in the search for new hidden massive sulphide deposits.

SkyTEM312 HP system used in the helicopter survey over the 3 VMS prospects

At Säviä the drones collected detailed magnetic data flying at a low altitude of just 40m and 30m line spacing. The resulting high resolution magnetic maps will assist in a better understanding of the complex structural setting of the Säviä massive sulphide deposit.

During the coming months the large amount of data collected will be processed, modelled and integrated for analyses and selection of potential drill targets. This study forms part of an attempt by Akkerman Finland Oy to apply the latest available technologies in the search for extensions of known or new VMS deposits in the renowned Pyhäsalmi mining district.

One of the three drones used in the detailed survey over Säviä