10 september 2021

Drone magnetics give new insights in exploration potential around the Säviä copper deposit

Radai Oy has made results available from the recently completed drone-based magnetic survey. The new high-resolution magnetic map (see figure 1b below) shows refined details on the shape and size of the anomaly associated with the known Säviä massive sulphide deposit.

The main sulphide of this copper-rich orebody drilled by Outokumpu in the sixties is pyrrhotite, causing a coincident magnetic high. Better definition of the magnetic anomalies using a drone is expected to be a powerful tool in the search for ore-extensions, especially to the south where the magnetic anomaly is intensifying.  

A clearer picture has also emerged from the area to the west and north of the deposit. The pattern of anomalies suggests the ore-bearing sequence has been intensely folded, thus enhancing the possibility for structural repetitions. Potential new targets will be studied in combination with the outcome of the recently completed deep-EM survey. Data processing and depth modelling by SkyTEM is expected to be completed in October.