27 augustus 2022

New exploration permit applied for the Kangasjärvi VMS deposit.

Over the past 2 years Akkerman Finland Oy (AFOy) completed extensive analyses of past exploration and mining at Kangasjärvi, some 25km south of the renowned Pyhäsalmi mine. The deposit and surrounding areas were surveyed with innovative, deep penetrating geophysical techniques using both helicopter and drones. Results confirm the excellent potential around the old mine, which is the reason why AFOy has applied for an exploration permit at Kangasjärvi.

Volcanogenic Massive sulphide deposits (VMS) typically comprise of a copper-rich part deposited near the volcanic eruptive centre and a zinc-rich halo around it. The known Kangasjärvi deposit, mined in the eighties by Outokumpu Mining and processed in the Pyhäsalmi processing plant, was made up of zinc-rich mineralization. The copper-rich part has not yet been found. Prominent anomalies detected by the new surveys may well represent, up to now, unknown copper-rich parts of the Kangasjärvi mineralization system.

Jan H.  Akkerman, managing director of Akkerman Finland Oy, commented: “We are excited with the outcome of our new studies and look forward to reaching the stage where we can actually test these promising targets by drilling”.

For more details see: https://avrupaminerals.com/avrupa-minerals-submits-kangasjarvi-exploration-permit-application-in-pyhasalmi-mining-district-finland/

Outline (in blue) of the Kangasjarvi exploration permit area, within the original Reservation and below the Kolima exploration permit area, already applied for in January of 2022.